Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world.

A country of vast meadows and beautiful forests.

Clean and savage nature.

Environmentally friendly, natural and delicious, traditional dairy products are produced here.

About us

Food Union – an international company whose business has been built on the excellent reputation and age-old traditions of the Latvian dairy industry.

The dairy products and ice cream of Food Union are made entirely from pure milk, supplied by the 400 best farms of Latvia.

About us

Food Union is continuously investing in the development of modern technologies for Latvian dairy products, to continue to set the standard of quality, both in Europe and around the world.

Food Union unites the biggest dairy companies in the Baltic states, continuing the traditions of Rīgas piena kombināts (founded in 1927) and Valmieras piens (founded on 1971).

Our values

We believe in the strength of united personalities where each one of them can take the responsibility and together build a better world to live in.

We transform our dreams and plans into specific objectives and tasks, determining our future and shaping our team to make it coordinated and effective. 

We set our goals ambitiously to inspire ourselves to create. Without it we cannot imagine our progress, without it we cannot imagine Food Union.

Our mission

Combining traditions, experience and the energy of modern company, Food Union becomes the most efficient and the most notable food company in the Baltic States, which is characterised by effective and responsible manufacturing, continuos development and stable long-term cooperation with the region's best raw material suppliers.

Our people

Food Union is formed by versatile people with wide range of experience. What unites us is that we are professionals in our field of work and we are constantly trying to improve our competence.

A clear vision of development transforms our plans into specific goals and tasks, shaping the future and Food Union team to work coordinated and effectively. 

Our people

Food Union is led by international professional team in the control of Andrey Beskhmelnitskiy who has vast experience and broad competence in dairy business. The experience was gained by leading the Russian flagship dairy company Unimilk. Food Union management team includes the board's chairman Sergey Beskhmelnitskiy, who once lead Unimilk sales department, Dmitry Dokin - development director of ice-cream category with huge experience in ice cream manufacturing and sales area, and also Oleg Beriev from international brand agency Mildberry who is in charge of Food Union marketing.